Imagining a colossal mural of rural farm life, the colorful canvas could certainly include Arkansas natives Nik and Sam. With a childhood brimming of that “work-hard, play-hard” attitude, it was no revelation to find the sisters outdoors, riding horses, immersed in mud or wearing a cast.

Influenced by an eccentric blend of bluegrass festivals, classic rock and front porch pickin’, the girls’ music roots were planted early. Virtuoso harmonies came naturally and by the age of 10, the girls were sculpting an “Everly Brothers-esque” piece of instrumentation and vocal blend. Possessing talent far beyond their young age, the girls soon began writing their own music, infusing their individual influences into their style.

Like renewed rain across a droughted land, audiences in their home state soaked up the music of Nik and Sam, their live shows seemingly laced with a distinctive combination of young innocence wrought with high intensity. By the age of 17 the girls left behind their rural hamlet and headed out to chase their dream.  

Calling Nashville home, Nik and Sam have compiled an impressive song catalog, collaborating with songwriting icons such as Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey, Brett James and Denise Rich, amongst others.

Forged in creativity and determined to carve a path, Sam’s melodic banjo and Nik’s driving guitar rhythms embody the spirit of passion. Inseparable and inspirational is reason enough for this rootsy, folk-rock-country-bluegrass duo to continue to evolve into a true lesson of commitment and love.